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 Why sell your gold to

We are a highly reputable company with years of experience

We have been in the gold and jewellery trade for over 20 years helping people to sell their unwanted, broken or damaged gold jewellery. Our expertise has merited lots of satisfied and loyal customers. You are not just selling to anyone. You are selling to a company who are specialists in the jewellery trade.  We don't just take into account the weight of the gold, we assess every piece individually and value any gemstones and diamonds that are set in your jewellery.  We also take into account the brand value of a piece such as Tiffany, Cartier and many more.

We Pay Top Prices

By dealing directly with us, you WILL get top prices as you cut out the jewellers, pawnbrokers etc; we don't charge any additional fees that you can occur when dealing with the middleman. Our prices are updated daily to ensure we can offer the best possible price. You have the added comfort of knowing that if you do NOT wish to accept our offer, we will return your items to you free of charge.

Secure and insured

Your Pre-Paid Postage Label is free of charge and covers insurance of your jewellery to give you piece of mind

Simple, convenient process

Our process is a simple and secure the easiest way to get cash for your unwanted gold. 

Speedy payment

We understand there may be many reasons why you need to sell your valuables. We know you may need cash quickly, that's why we will provide you with a service that is speedy as well as efficient. Upon receipt of your unwanted gold, it is analysed by our experts who will then contact you making you an offer of payment. Once accepted, the money is transfered to you bank account the same day and the funds will be in your account within 24 hours!


 Our Process is just 3 simple steps 

1) Fill in our online enquiry form below with the details of the jewellery you wish to sell and if you would like one of our prepaid packs just request one on the form 

2) Unpon Receipt of your jewellery at our valuations department , a member of our appraisal team will asses each piece and make you an offer based on the most uptodate market prices.

3) If you accept out offer we will transfer the funds to your bank account this takes just 24 hours, if you do not wish to accept our offer we will return your jewellery free of charge via fully insured and tracked postage.


Just fill in our online form below and receive a quote or to request a prepaid pack  

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