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Sell Gold

 Sell your gold- Here at we pay top prices for your unwanted gold and silver, no matter what the condition is wewill still buy it.  We buy gold at the current market value and our prices are updated daily so that you will recieve the highest price possible for your gold.

We offer high prices we have over 25 years combined experience in the precious metals industry and we have developed a simple and  secure online making it easy to sell your gold.

Scrap Gold prices can vary enormously from company to company, we work on the daily gold fix price and our quote will be based on this. 

When you decide to sell Gold you need to be sure that you are getting a fair price with no hidden extra fees or extra charges. This is exactly what you will receive when you sell your scrap gold to  We guarantee that there are absolutely no hidden fees or charges. We do make a small charge to cover our costs for processing your payment. The price we quote you as our offer is the exact price you will receive.


how to sell gold


 It couldn't be easier to get cash for Gold within 24 hours. Below we explain our process of selling gold to us.

  1. Simply fill in our online enquiry form below with a few details about the gold, silver or platinum you may wish to sell and please just mention the condition if it's scrap/broken gold or if it's in good condition.  Also if you know the weight in grms this will help us to provide you with an accurate initail estimate. And lastly please mention the carat ( purity ) of your gold if you are not sure how to tell the carat of your gold, we have a guide at the bottom of this page.
  2. We buy Gold of any purity 
  3. You can upload some photos of your jewellery on our form also but it's not essential
  4. Once we have received your enquiry a memeber of our appraisal team will get in touch with our price,
  5. If you are happy with our price, we can email you a pre-paid posage label that covers insurace so you can send your gold to our valutions department to be assesed.
  6. You will also receive a tracking number for peace of mind, we will let you know as soon as your jewellery has arrived with us.  We will then test your gold and make you our final offer.
  7.  If you wish to accept our offer you will receive payement via bank transfer which takes just 1 working day.
  8. If you do not wish to accept our offer then we simply return your jewellery free of charge via insured and tracked royal mail. is a Ltd company,  and is one of the fastest expanding traders in precious in the UK. We have offices in Lancashire and London, we offer the highest level of customer service and satisfaction that our clients have come to expect from us with over 20 years industry experience and knowledge.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to offer advice and assistance.

It has never been easier to sell your scrap Gold, scrap silver or scrap platinum for CASH!


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Steph Hodgson reviewed – 

Great service! Kristin was very responsive to my query and I received an in depth evaluation of my jewellery! Would definately use again!



Helen Capstick reviewed – 

 Excellent company! When it came to selling some old jewellery I received prompt and efficient service and a fair price. I have recommended to a friend as I was so impressed.

Recieve  a quote on the jewellery you wish to sell today just fill in our enquiry form below with a few details about your jewellery and a member of our appriasal team will get back to you today.

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Please provide us with as much detail about the pieces you would like to sell please state the Crt of the gold, and the gold weight if you know it also the condition , and if you have any paperwork that goes with the jewellery as in receipts or valuations please upload a copy, also you can upload some photos of your jewellery below.

Do you have a photo of the item please upload up to 5 images if you have pictures if not don’t worry just describe your items and we will give you a call.

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In order for us to provide you with an accurate price on your gold, we will need 2 pieces of information we will need to know the weight of your gold and the carat or your gold also spelt karat.

If you live in the UK, the Hallmarking Act 1973 stipulates that any item of gold weighing over 1g must be hallmarked. This is your guarantee that the item contains the minimum amount of gold stated.

If you need need help identifying a hallmark have a look at our table below try find the hallmark to determine the carat of your gold.

If possible, weigh your gold on a set of jewellers digital scales if you don't have these you can use kitchen scales to give you an idea on the weight in grm but they won't be as accurate as jewellers scales.. You need to know the weight, in grams, preferably to one-tenth of a gram.

If you can find out these 2 pieces of information about the gold you wish to sell please include this in our above online form as it will help us to provide you with a more accurate estimate. 

how to identify gold hallmarks

As you can from the above chart, Fineness basically lists the percent of gold, while Karats lists how many parts of gold are contained in the piece. The remaining percent or parts that are not gold are alloys. Converting between the two is rather easy when you convert the percent to fraction form or vice versa.


So you want to look for these stamps sometimes you will see the Karats stamp for example you may just see 9k or sometimes you will see 9K and the Finess stamp 375. Sometimes they can be hard to see and it's best to use a x10 Magnifying jewellers loupe.