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Sell My Diamond Necklace



Sell Diamond Necklace


If you are looking to sell your diamond necklace, you might be asking How much is my diamond necklace worth? How do I sell my diamond necklace? Where should I sell my diamond necklace?

Sell diamond necklaces in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Get the details about your necklace
  2. Fill In Our Online Enquiry Form With The Details
  3. Receive your Quote 
  4. Receive The Appraisal & Final Offer
  5. Get paid


1. Get The Details Of Your Diamond Necklace 

If you have information on your diamond necklace:

Gather this together. This includes any documents or diamond grading certificates you may have and upload a copy of any paperwork you may have on our enquiry form below along with a few photos of your necklace.

If you do not have information on your diamond necklace:

If you don't happen to have any paperwork or certificates, for your diamond jewelry was gifted to you. In this case, we would need to see it to provide a valuation/appraisal to assess the diamonds.


Recieve  a quote on the jewellery you wish to sell today just fill in our enquiry form below with a few details about your jewellery and a member of our appriasal team will get back to you today.

Contact Details

Please provide us with as much detail about the pieces you would like to sell please state the Crt of the gold, and the gold weight if you know it also the condition , and if you have any paperwork that goes with the jewellery as in receipts or valuations please upload a copy, also you can upload some photos of your jewellery below.

Do you have a photo of the item please upload up to 5 images if you have pictures if not don’t worry just describe your items and we will give you a call.

I Would Like A Pre-Paid Pack Shipping Label

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2. Fill In Our Online Enquiry Form Above


Simply fill in our online enquiry form above with the details and a few photos of your necklace, as mentioned please upload a copy of any paperwork or certificates you may have to accompany the piece.

Please include details in the description if you happen to know the carat weight of the diamonds and the colour and clarity ect so we can let you knwo as accurate estimate. Our Appraisal team will get back to you with our estimate within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry.


3. Get A Price Quote

Our Appraisal team will get back to you with our estimate within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry, There are no hidden fees and the offer we give you is the amount you get. Sell diamond necklaces, designer jewelry, luxury watches and handbags to our team of in-house experts.

4. Get A Final Price

If you are happy with the initial estimate, we will send you a pre-paid postage label that covers insurance via email along with the instructions on postage so you can send your jewellery to our valuations department where we will carry out an appraisal and let you know our offer.

If you choose to accept our offer payment is via bank transfer and takes just 1 day to clear, if you don't wish to accept our offer we return your jewellery free of charge and again fully insured.

5. Receive Payment

If you have accepted our offer receive payment within 24hours of accepting our offer via bank transfer,

Questions You May Ask When Looking To Sell Your Diamond Necklace

Sell Diamond Necklaces: How Much Is My Diamond Necklace Worth?

It is important to keep in mind that the value given to you by a professional appraiser is not the same as the amount that you will obtain for the pieces of jewelry if you choose to sell. This value on appraisals and insurance documents are inflated and not reflective of what the item is worth at resale.

This is because higher insurance values allow insurance companies to charge high premiums. To obtain an accurate estimation based on the current secondhand market receive an offer your diamond necklace, just contact a member of Appraisal team on 02842757893.

Selling Diamond Pendants vs Selling Multi Stone Necklaces

A pendant necklace will typically have one centre stone or a diamond drop feature, whereas a multi-stone necklace will feature several diamonds across the necklace.

When selling a pendant necklace, the value of the necklace will be dependent on the center stone only and (if applicable) the precious metal. When selling a multi-stone necklace, the value will depend on the total carat weight and number of diamonds on the necklace.

This will differ if the jewellery is a Luxury brand such as Bvlgari, Cartier, Tiffany ect The value will also depend on whether the jewelry is antique or vintage. Working with our inhouse diamond and jewelry experts will help establish the true value of your necklace.

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