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Cash for Gold | Sell & Buy: Gold Jewellery

Cash For Gold 


 We make the process of selling your gold simple, fast and secure we pay highly competitive prices for your unwanted jewellery.

We go off the live gold prices which change twice on a daily basis to we can pay our customers the best price.

  Do you have any unwanted and broken Gold, Silver or Platinum jewellery?



 We buy gold, whatever type you've got, we'll make you an offer. Rose gold, yellow gold, 9ct right through to 24ct gold, white gold, old gold, new gold, broken gold, Asian gold

Gold jewellery in forgotten places...

9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k & 24k gold

Asian Gold
Broken gold jewellery
Tangled / damaged gold chains
Unwanted wedding / engagement rings
Gold jewellery with missing stones
Unmatched gold earrings
Gold coins / sovereigns
Gold bullion
Dental gold scrap

Act now for the best prices...

Weigh your jewellery and fill our online enquiry form below  and remember, precious metal prices change on a daily basis and the rates quoted are what we're paying our customers right now.

Need to Sell Gold Coins?

We will will also purchase gold coins, sovereigns, bars, grains for Cash!

  Our process is simple once you have filled in our online enquiry form with the details you know about your gold jewellery as in the weight the karat of the gold a member of our appraisal team will get in touch with you the same day with our offer.  

If you are happy with our price we will send you out one of our prepaid packs which covers insurance of your jewellery, once posted you will receive your tracking number it is a next day delivery service.

Once we recieve your jewellery at our valuations deparment we will test the gold and weigh it if you accept our offer we simply send the money to your bank account this takes just 24 hours to reach your account.

If you do not wish to accept our offer we simply send your jewellery back to you the same way via fully insured and tracked postage free of charge.

So what are you waiting for turn your unwanted gold into cash today by filling the details below in our online enquiry form or contact us to discuss your jewellery with one of our expert appraisal team.

So get looking in your jewellery box or your attic today for some hidden treasures 

Broken necklaces, old rings, the forgotten gift at the bottom of your jewellery box, if it’s gold, we can turn it into cash.


We keep a close eye on current gold prices, and an even closer eye on competitors so that we can give you a great rate.


You can even get an online valuation first to give you an idea of what your treasure’s worth. You might just be surprised.


What are you waiting for recieve  a quote from a member of our appraisal team by filling the enquiry form below .

Contact Details

Please provide us with as much detail about the pieces you would like to sell please state the Crt of the gold, and the gold weight if you know it also the condition , and if you have any paperwork that goes with the jewellery as in receipts or valuations please upload a copy, also you can upload some photos of your jewellery below.

Do you have a photo of the item please upload up to 5 images if you have pictures if not don’t worry just describe your items and we will give you a call.

If you would prefer just to send your items to us for appraisal just request a prepaid envelope by clicking on this option below and fill in your details above we will let you know as soon as they arrive, and you will receive a quote from our valuers.

Please provide the full address for us to send your prepaid pack to.

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