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 If your wondering how to sell gold near me ? Then read on to find out how you can sell your gold from anywhere in the UK.  You can sell your gold with from the comfort of your own home our service is simple and secure we pay highly competitive prices for your unwanted gold jewellery.

We work off the live gold prices which change twice daily basis to ensure we can pay our customers the best price.

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 We buy gold, whatever type you've got, we'll make you an offer. Rose gold, yellow gold, 9ct right through to 24ct gold, white gold, old gold, new gold, broken gold, Asian gold

Gold jewellery in forgotten places...

9k, 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k & 24k gold

Asian Gold
Broken gold jewellery
Tangled / damaged gold chains
Unwanted wedding / engagement rings
Gold jewellery with missing stones
Unmatched gold earrings
Gold coins / sovereigns
Gold bullion
Dental gold scrap

Need to Sell Gold Coins?

We will will also purchase gold coins, sovereigns, bars, grains for Cash!


How It Works 


Sell Gold Near You In 3 Simple steps


1 ) Simply Fill in our online enquiry form below with the details about the gold you wish to sell, try to include the details such as the weight in grms , the karat of the gold , ect and the condition. Once you have filled in our webform with the details a member of our appraisal team will let you know our offer within 1 working day.


2) If you are happy with our price we will send you out one of our prepaid packs which covers insurance of your gold jewellery so you can send your jewellery to our valuations department for us to test.  We will let you know as soon as your jewellery arrives with us, if posted before 4pm it will arrive with us the next working day.

You will recieve a tracking number at the post office, Once we recieve your jewellery at our valuations deparment we will test the gold and weigh it and let you know our final offer.  If you choose to accept our offer we simply send the money to your bank account this up to 24 hours to reach your account.

3) If you do not wish to accept our offer we simply send your jewellery back to you the same way via fully insured and tracked postage free of charge.

Sell gold near me



So what are you waiting for turn get cash for gold today just fill in the details below on our online enquiry form or contact us to discuss your jewellery with one of our expert appraisal team.


We keep a close eye on current gold prices, and an even closer eye on competitors so that we can give you a great rate.


If you would just prefer to post your gold to us for a valuation, you can request a pre-paid pack below and just provide a breif description of your jewellery so we can arrange your pare-paid apck to be sent out to you.


What are you waiting for recieve  a quote from a member of our appraisal team by filling the enquiry form below .

Contact Details

Please provide us with as much detail about the pieces you would like to sell please state the Crt of the gold, and the gold weight if you know it also the condition , and if you have any paperwork that goes with the jewellery as in receipts or valuations please upload a copy, also you can upload some photos of your jewellery below.

Do you have a photo of the item please upload up to 5 images if you have pictures if not don’t worry just describe your items and we will give you a call.

If you would prefer just to send your items to us for appraisal just request a prepaid envelope by clicking on this option below and fill in your details above we will let you know as soon as they arrive, and you will receive a quote from our valuers.

Please provide the full address for us to send your prepaid pack to.

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 So hopefully we have assisted in answering where can I sell Gold Near Me? But lets look at some reasons of why to sell your gold and why you should sell with us.


Why Dose It Pay To Sell Your Gold ?



In times of crisis and hardship, gold is often seen as a safe investment. So the  old price has rocketed during the recession, encouraging American 'cash for gold' companies to flood in from across the pond to entice us to sell old gold jewellery and make £100s.


While the price is no longer at it's highest currently even scrap gold can still be worth a mint when melted down and you would be surprised.


Remember, as with other commodities, gold prices fluctuates and we work on the most uptodate gold price which changes twice daily to ensure you get the best prossible price on your unwanted gold.


What are the different ways to sell gold near me ?

When it comes to selling gold there is plenty of options with Gold-buying companies' with hundreds of Companies who buy it and melt it down.

This means it's easier than ever to get cash for broken gold Yet with so many Companies who buy gold it's important to find a reputable Company who have the knowledge and expertise to assess your gold accurately.


We reccomend shopping around and doing some homework on the company check there reviews ect 


  • Jewellers. Pop into a few local jewellers to get a rough idea of what price you should expect. Competition's hot in certain areas - such as central London and Birmingham - which means top prices. 

  • The postal gold websites. If you go down this route, you'll first be given a quote online like we provide, then you'll need to post in the gold for verification and once assessed you will be given a final offer.

  • Many gold sites are unreliable or poor players, but we are a fast growing and trustworthy Company that pays top prices for your unwanted gold.

You can read our most recent reviews on our facebook page below :

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Fantastic Experience and such a wonderful personal response from Kristin.
Would recommend this service to anyone.


Hsin Chen reviewed – 5 star

Great service and the staff is really helpful here. I will definitely use the service again.







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