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Cartier Love Bracelet Ultimate Guide

Cartier Love Bracelet Ultimate Guide


Everything you need to know about the cartier love bracelet

 The Cartier Love Bracelet - In this blog we tell you everything you need to know about this Iconic Bracelet


The History Of the Love Bangle


Let's first of all take a look at where this bangle started - This bangle has become one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in the world. Since it is comprised of two pieces that need to be bolted together with a tiny Cartier screwdriver, it requires a partner to put it on, making it the ultimate symbol of a committed relationship.

Cartier Actually Gifted 25 Famous Couples with the bangle to re-inforce the lovers message, these Celebrities included Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. This marketing tool worked when everyone seen there Celebrity's wearing this bracelet people rushed to buy one for themselves.


Today it's worn by many other Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie which keeps the trend popular. It became so popular that a waiting list was made as it was so in demand. As each bracelet is made by hand Cartier couldn't keep up with the orders, Kylie Jenner wears no less than 6 of these Bracelets.


Celebrities who wear the cartier love bracelet

How Much Dose A Cartier Love Bracelet Cost ?

When the bracelet was first launched in 1971 it retailed for a mere fraction of the price today, back then the cost of the bracelet was just $250 now the cost starts at $4050.00 and increases up to as much as $11,000 for one with diamonds. 

The classic version of the love bracelet starts at $6,300 USD for the yellow and pink gold versions, with white gold offered at $6,750.

 The Style of the Love Bangle

The bracelet is styled with a L⊝Ve, with the horizontal line inside the letter "O" alluding to the bracelet's locking mechanism) it was originally designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo for Cartier SA. 

Early versions of the Love Bracelet were gold plated, while more recent designs are made from solid 18k gold or platinum.

As of 2019, the Love Bracelet is still in production and Cartier has expanded the line to include products based on the original bracelet's design, including rings, cuffilinks ,earrings, necklaces and even watches.


In 2006 it was actually considered to be the "most successful collection in Cartier's history."


The bracelet has received some criticism over its design, which some have compared to medieval chasity belts, Love Bracelets have also posed issues, with airline security personnel due to the need for airline passengers to remove all metal items when passing through airport security metal detectors and because a tool is needed to remove the bracelets and people don't always carry the screwdriver with them.


In the late 90's Cartier filed a lawsuit against multiple jewelry stores in Manhattan and Puerto Rico, alleging that the stores were selling counterfeit Love Bracelets. We show you how to spot a fake Cartier Love Bangle just click here 


How dose the lock mechanism work on a Cartier Love Bracelet ?

Unlike other more traditional bracelets, which are either wide enough to slip over the hand onto the wrist or can readily be easily opened to put them on, the Love bracelet is designed to be opened only by using a special screw driver which is supplied with every bracelet.

The screwdriver is also available in the form of a necklace, allowing the bracelet to be "locked" onto one person, while the "key" is kept around the neck of another, as a symbol for their commitment to their relationship.


How to open and close a cartier love bangle


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