how to sell gold

Looking to sell your gold? You don’t need to have large bars of bullion to make a profit, just items you no longer wear or need that could be sold. Here at we pay cash for your unused gold jewellery find out how to sell your unwanted gold.


What Gold We Buy ? What Can I Sell ?

Gold comes in all shapes and sizes, its value depends on the Krt ( Karat Of The gold ) And the Weight (In Grms)

Here At we provide a simple and secure cash for gold service and fast payments once you have accepted our offer payment is via bank transfer which clears the same day.

What Gold Do We Buy ? ( What Gold Can I Sell) 

We buy any gold including gold rings, gold bracelets, gold pendants, gold earrings, ( Odd Earrings) , Broken and scrap gold , tangled gold chains, gold necaklces.  

We also purchase gemset and diamond set gold, for these pieces we take into account the value of the stones so not just the gold content like some cash for gold Companies would only pay.

We also buy Gold Coins And Bullion.

Who Will Buy My Gold ?


There are quite a few gold buying Companies on the internet and most high street jewellers will also buy second-hand gold. 

Before you shouldn't rush and just sell with the first Company you find on the internet, you should do your research on the Company and check out there reviews, you can check our most recent reviews on our Trust Pilot Page Here 


sell gold

Try to find out the weight of your gold in grms, you can do this using your kitchen scales just to get an idea.  Also if you know the Karat of your gold that will help us to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Shop around get a few quotes, we are a trusted gold buyer and a proud member of the National Association Of Jewellers we have lots of clients all over the UK and Ireland and many of our clients are repeat customers who have tried our service once and are happy to sell again and again to us.


To Recieve Your Quote From for your gold just fill in the online enquiry form below with the details such as the Karat Of The Gold And The Weight In Grms. And a member of our appraisal team will get back to you within 24 hours with your estimate.

If your happy with your estimate and wish to proceed with selling your unwanted gold we will email you a pre-paid postage label which covers insurance so you can send your gold to our valuations department free of charge.  It takes just 1 day to reach us if posted before 4pm. You will get a receipt with a tracking number on and we will email you once recieved if you choose to accept our offer payment is via bank transfer and clears the same day with most banks.

If you don't wish to accept our offer we return your items free of charge and again fully insured.



What are you waiting for recieve  a quote from a member of our appraisal team by filling the enquiry form below .

Contact Details

Please provide us with as much detail about the pieces you would like to sell please state the Crt of the gold, and the gold weight if you know it also the condition , and if you have any paperwork that goes with the jewellery as in receipts or valuations please upload a copy, also you can upload some photos of your jewellery below.

Do you have a photo of the item please upload up to 5 images if you have pictures if not don’t worry just describe your items and we will give you a call.

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 Selling Gold Online

For gold that may be of no use to a jeweller, it is still a good idea to get a quote as it will still hold value and you would be suprised as the price of gold is at an all time high currently so even a small amount will have value.

  • If the estimated amount is the same as, or better than, the figure you already have in mind, then the next step is to request a free pre-paid envelope. You can then use this to send your gold back to the company via Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  • Most company envelopes are pre-insured (usually to the value of £500) ours is insured up to £2500 
  • Should the amount of gold you wish to send in be worth more than this, you can secure additional insurance at the Post Office. Or simply split your gold into two envleopes.
  • Most gold companies will then call or e-mail you with a confirmation of the online calculator’s valuation. You can accept or reject accordingly.
  • Other companies will automatically send you a cheque for what they have valued your gold to be worth. If you’re rejecting the offer, then you must return within a certain time (typically between 10–12 days).
  • Be sure to check the company’s returns policy before selling gold to them, as they do vary.

Sell Your Gold To A Trust Worthy Company

 Gold ‘recycling’ and Gold Buyers have become big business in recent years. This is because the price of gold always rises during times of economic uncertainty. Such as This that we are currently experiencing.

But some of these gold trading companies have been around for years. You can be confident that established jewellers are going to be the most trustworthy in their dealings. When compared to many smaller start-ups anyway.

Unsurprisingly, these short term operations are unlikely to care much about fairness, customer service or their company’s reputation. They just want to make a quick buck

Be wary of these companies and keep them at arms length, they can be easy to identify with a bit of research.

It’s not that dedicated gold trading companies can’t be trusted, it just pays to use your common sense when selling gold for cash. Here’s some things to look out for:

           Have They Got Postitive Reviews On Trust Pilot And Facebook?

  • Sometimes if it's too good to be true it generally is some Company's will reel you in with an offer thats above the gold price so you will send your jewellery then they will offer half of the estimate they provided?
  • Google the company and see what turns up.
  • If you’ve any doubts, check with Trading Standards to see if they’ve received any complaints about that particular company.

You can rest assured that is a trusted gold buyer our experienced team of appraisers have over 25 years experience in the jewellery industry.  And are all fully qualified jewellers and diamond graders so you can be assured you will recieve an accurate and fair valuation on your gold with us.

A Summary Points To Remember When Selling Gold

Be Careful it a Company quotes you a price thats too good to be true sometimes some Comapny's will do this to get you to send your items and then make you a much lower offer once they have recieved your jewellery.

With some gold-trading websites, you can get as little as 20% of the market value of your gold.

  • Know What you have find out the gold weight in grms and the Karat of the gold so you can shop around for some quotes.
  • Check the Company Out firstly ! Do your homework on the Company check there reviews and reputation before dealing with them.
  • Bear in mind that the price of gold changes daily, so the quotes you get will often vary slightly day-to-day. Keep an eye on the market and go for it when it’s higher than normal.

How To Get Cash For Gold 

Pawnbrokers are having somewhat of a resurgence in recent years.

  • Pawnbroking is an easy source of credit, especially for the one million Britons that don’t have a bank account.
  • If your looking for a loan agains your gold as apposed to selling it out right, pawn brokers can offer this based on your valuables.
  • They will loan you money up to half of your gold's value, and will likely charge a typical interest rate of around 8% - !2% a month for the amount lent.
  • However, they are certainly not a good option if you’re in need of a loan lasting a reasonable length of time.
  • The annual rate of interest from pawnbrokers can be incredibly high and if you can't afford to get your items back you risk loosing them.

What Are The Alternitives to Pawnbrokers ?

  • If you’re in need of a small loan, the Government’s Social Fund is worth exploring.
  • Your local credit union, can also offer low-interest, easy-to-use saving and borrowing for its members.

How a Credit union works is they invest the money they have into savings for a good and reliable savings rate.

This money is then lent out to other members an affordable rate. So everyone benefits, lenders get a good rate of interest on their money and borrowers don’t have to pay overly high amounts.

So if your looking to borrow in the short term find out if there is a credit union near you.

Find out what sort of loans and interest rates are available from your local credit union by contacting them via the credit union search tool. Most credit unions tend to be flexible about your repayments, offering you the opportunity to pay back your loan on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.