How To Sell Diamonds


Before you look to sell your diamond,  you really need to educate yourself about its value, and the factors that effect a diamonds value mainly the 4Cs.  And what you can expect in terms of retail vs. resale price, where you can sell it safely to a reputable jewelry buyer, and where to get your diamond appraised.


How Can I Sell My Diamond ?

Where Can I Sell A Diamond Or Diamond Ring Near Me ?

How Much Can You Sell A Daimond For ?

How Do I know How Much My Diamond Is Worth ?

Understanding What Your Diamond Is Worth Before Selling It ?

Is Now A Good Time To Sell Diamonds ?

Is IT Easy To Sell Diamonds ?

Keep reading to learn about your diamond and what it is worth ?

How can I sell my diamond?

Traditionally, people looking to sell  their diamond ring or diamond set jewelry went to a local their local jeweler, perhaps got a few quotes from jewellers and sold it for the best price offered from them.

Nowadays you can still do that, but there are easier ways to ensure you get the highest price for your loose diamond or diamond ring.

Where can I sell a diamond or diamond ring near me?

Do you have a diamond ring you no longer want or need ? Why not sell it for the best price with

In this blog you will find out how to sell your diamond ring for the best price and securely online, and how. This posts will help you understand how to value diamond ring.

From modern engagement rings to antqiue family heirloom and estate jewellery we pay top prices and selling with us is easy.

If you find your ready to part ways with your diamond engagement ring but wondering where to start, then keep reading this post.

How do I sell my diamond near me for cash?

If you want to start with a quote from a local jeweller have a look on Yell or or ask friend and realatice and search the internet for diamond buyers in your area.

Bring all documentation for your item such as receipts or appraisals as this all helps with the valuation process and makes it quicker.

The quickest way to sell your diamond for the highest price is with, we will send a pre-paid postage label via email once your happy with our quote and pay within 24 hours of accepting our offer.

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 Recieve A Quote On your diamond or diamond jewellery with us.  All you have to do is fill in the below online enquiry form with the details you know about the jewellery such as the Crt Weight of the diamonds, and the colour and clarity.

We will get back to you with our estimate within 24 hours, if you choose to accpet our offer we will email you a pre-paid shipping label that covers insurance so you can send the jewellery to our valuations department free of charge.

Once appraised if you accept out final offer payment is via bank transfer which takes just 24hours to clear.


What are you waiting for recieve  a quote from a member of our appraisal team by filling the enquiry form below .

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Do pawnbrokers buy diamonds?

Yes, Pawnbrokers will often buy diamond jewelry and loose diamonds, but will tylpically offer far less than a jeweler or an orline diamond buyer.

How much can you sell a diamond for?

Typically, you will receive up to 50% or less for your diamond than you paid for it in origioanlly at the retail store. See Below some examples of recent diamond sales, compared with the retail price for similar stones.

Diamond Resale Prices

Do diamonds Have Resale Value?

In other words, Is a diamond a good investment?

In terms of money, No not in the short term you are not likely to see your diamond jewelry appreciate in value over time.

In fact, expect that the diamond resale price you receive from a diamond buyer auction or from an auction house diamond will likely be substantially lower than what you paid for it.

Why is the price lower than the price I paid for my diamond ? 

  • Diamond buyers are really only interested in the centre larges diamond as that holds the main value if it's a cluster ring with lots of small diamonds.
  • It can be made into a more more contemporary piece of jewelry, or custom items for their clients.
  • The retail price you paid includes the design, smaller side stones, and the retail experience. A diamond wholesale buyer will melt the metal down to scrap.
  • Retial jewellers have a large mark up on diamond set jewellery when you purchase new you always pay very high prices as jewellers on the highstreet have large oveheads such as the rent on their store ect.

Diamonds do have a strong resale market value, and old jewelry, an engagement ring from a divorced marriage, or inherited estate jewelery can bring fast cash when you need it most if sold to a reputable diamond buyer such as us here at

How do I know how much my diamond is worth?

A diamonds value is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. In addition to getting your diamond appraised or reviewed by a laboratory such as GIA or IGI. searching for similar, recent sales on eBay or other auction sites, will help you to get a sense of how much your diamond is worth by educating yourself about your diamond and the current marketplace.

How much is a 2 carat diamond worth?

A Diiamond values is based on the size and quality of the center stone, not total carat weight of all the diamonds in the piece. 

Here are a few recent purchases at with center stones of approximately 2 carats:

2.02 carats cushion-cut solitaire ring, I color, SI2 clarity, sold at auction for £6,004

2.54 carats cushion-cut bridal set, J color, SI1 clarity, sold at auction for £8,060

2.01 carats round-cut, F color, SI1 clarity, sold at auction for £14,020

How much is a 1-carat diamond worth?

The price you will receive for any diamond, no matter where you sell it, depends on many factors,  the price factors include the size, clarity and cut of your diamond — as well as the market demand for your stone, as well as the honesty of the buyer.  Thats why it's important to do your research and check the reivews on Trust Pilot of the Company ect before proceeding with any sale with them.

It's important to remember that secondary market value of a diamond will be alot less less than what you paid for it origionally as a retail price.

Typically, only the center stone of your ring or necklace will hold any significant resale value, and the surrounding gold or platinum, and small side stones are considered in the valuation but the main value will be in the main centre diamond.

Below are recent retail prices for a 1-carat, brilliant (round) loose diamond on BlueNile. Note the range for all qualities of 1-carat stones range from $2,473 to $12,317 for a perfect, colorless 1-carat diamond.

How much are tiny diamonds worth?

Unfortuantely the secondary market value for smaller diamonds is much less, and often are sold based on their weight so in the lower hundreds depending on how many diamonds there are.

Know what your diamond is worth before you sell it.

The Process of grading and valuing a diamond is a sophisticated process, one that requires a professional expert and benefits from sophisticated laboratory technology.  That said, there are some basic tools and terms that anyone can use to make sure they understand any price quoted for their diamonds, and help you understand what your diamond is worth.

The price of diamonds is a measurements of the 4 C's, and by being evaluated in a laboratory setting, such as GIA, which uses both industry-specific equipment, and recent sales data, to estimate a sales price range for your item. 

Here at we have the tools and the equipment to accurately grade each stone all of our appraisal team are fully qualified diamond graders so you can rest assured your diamonds and diamond jewellery will be accurately graded by our team.

Steps For Valuing A Diamond Before Selling

If you have a GIA or other lab report, that 

If not, you can take your diamond to a jeweler for an appraisal, send it tothen you are already armed with great knowlede about the diamond/diamonds you wish to sell as the 4 C's are all on the report.

So you can then contact diamond buyers such as ourselves

Keep reading to learn:

  • Firstly How do I know if my diamond is real ?
  • Lean about the 4 C's of diamonds
  • Steps to get your diamond appraised

How To Tell If A Diamond Is Real

While a microscope can definitively determine whether a diamond is real, here are a few tricks to know whether you have a fake diamond:

  • Drop the stone into a glass of water. If it floats, it is fake. A real diamond will normally sink.
  • Use the fog test: Blow a warm breath on the stone. If it fogs for a few seconds, it is a fake, as a real diamond will disperse the fog quickly.
  • Heat the stone with a lighter, then drop into a glass of cold water. A fake diamond will shatter, while a real diamond — one of the strongest materials on Earth — will resist very extreme temperatures.
  • Check the setting. If your diamond is set in a piece of jewelry, the materials of that ring, earrings or bracelet are probably high-quality, including gold, white gold, or platinum. Precious metal jewelry is usually marked. Gold is marked 10K, 14K, and 18K to indicate the type of gold, while PT and Plat refer to platinum. The numbers 585, 770, 900, and 950 also indicate platinum or gold.

Learn About The 4 C's Of Diamonds

The 4 C's are a well-recognized foundation for measuring the quality and value of your diamond.


The Cut of a diamond simply means the way the cutter cut the diamond, and the skill and precision of the cutter's work. The more precise the cut, the more beautiful the diamond is to look at and the higher the price.


The color of a diamond - Diamonds occurs in colors ranging from completely colorless (the rarest of diamonds), to shades of yellow (also called “canary diamonds) and brown known as (“cognac diamonds”). 

Colorless diamonds are the rarest. Rare, “fancy” diamonds that are naturally blue, red, and pink are graded on their own, separate  colour scale.


Diamonds alot of the time have internal flaws allso known as inclusions, or external characteristics called blemishes. Diamonds without inclusions or blemishes are rare; however, most inclusions can only be seen with magnification.

This is the diamond clarity scale from the American Gem Society:

4 Cs diamond clarity


The carat  of a diamond is the diamond’s physical weight measured in metric carats. One carat equals 1/5 gram and is subdivided into 100 points. Carat weight is the most objective grade of the 4Cs.

How do I  get my diamond appraised ?

Appraisers use the 4 C’s, and the age and resale value of estate or antique jewelry you can seach for a local appraiser online or look for a Company online that dose the appraisals.  Make sure to check out there reivews on trust pilot firstly.

Some jewelers will do this for free, but you may also be charged a flat fee, an hourly rate (expect $50 to $150 per hour), or possibly a portion of the appraised value.

“Appraising” is not the same thing as “grading,” which involves a laboratory report from the GIA or the IGI.

Is now a good time to sell diamonds?

While diamonds have historically held their value, in 2020, diamond prices did decline at both the wholesale and retail value. On one hand, you may choose to hold on to your diamond and sell when prices return and the market and the current situation improves, or you may choose to sell now before prices drop further.

On the other hand, there is the emotional aspect of jewelry that suggests that letting go of items that remind you of unhappy relationships makes it always a good time to sell your diamond jewelry. And you can always invest the money you earn in another investment that has a high return or treat yourself to something new you will enjoy.

Is it easy to sell diamonds?

While diamonds sales can be intimidating and stressful, you can always walk into your local jeweler and see if he or she will buy your jewelry or loose diamond for cash. That is easy!

Selling your diamond ring with is a simple and secure online service all you have to do is to firstly fill in our online enquiry form above with the details regarding the diamond jewellery,