We pay top price for gold - We buy a wide range of gold items, jewellery and gold coins , we offer our clients a secure and hassle free online service Buymyjewellery.com os the no1 online gold buyers for your scrap gold.


Why sell your gold now ?

Now is great time to sell your gold while the price has risen.



  • Safe and Free

    We wsend you a free fully insured pack for you to send your gold to our valuations department, you will recieve a tracking number at the post office also for piece of mind.

     Returned for Free 

  • If you do not wish to accept our offer we will return your items absolutely free the same way via fully insured and tracked mail.

     No Hallmark? No problem!

  •  It doesn't matter if there is a gemstone missing, we will still buy your gold

     We specialise in diamonds and gemstones too

  • We dont' just buy gold, if your jewellery contains gemstones and diamonds these will also be assessed by our expert appraisal team and add value to the gold.  All our our team are fully qualified jewellers and diamond graders.

     Cash within 1 working day

  • Once you have accepted our offer we process your bank transfer which takes just 1 working day with most banks.

     Best price online

  •  To ensure you are happy with our price we work on the most upto date gold fix price which changes twice daily.

How it works? Sell your gold in 3 easy steps


step 1 sell gold     

Simply fill in our online enquiry form below with a few details regarding the gold you wish to sell.  You can also upload a couple of photos, if you know the carat of the gold and the weight this will help us to provide you with an accurate intial estimate.

                                      Step 2 to sell gold                                 


 If your happy with our price, we can send you our a pre-paid pack which covers insurance so you can send your gold to our valuations department where we will carry out a free appraisal and make our final offer.


STEP 3 TO SELL GOLD                       


 Get Paid Fast- If you wish to accept our final offer the funds will be transferred to your bank account.  This takes just 1 working day with most banks, if you do not wish to accept our offer we simply return your gold free of charge.

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Selling gold jewellery may seem somewhat daunting - understanding the worth of your gold and making the decision to sell can be a bit personal, especially when the item being sold is very unique or it holds some sentimental value.

Fortunately, at Buymyjewellery.com we make this process of selling your gold as simple and secure as possible for our clients so that you get the best value for your jewellery.  We put customer service at the heart of our business.

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Great service! Kristin was very responsive to my query and I received an in depth evaluation of my jewellery! Would definately use again!


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Helen Capstick reviewed Buymyjewellery.com – 

 Excellent company! When it came to selling some old jewellery I received prompt and efficient service and a fair price. I have recommended to a friend as I was so impressed.


The current financial climate has made many people look at possible new ways to increase their personal income.

One quick cash route is to sell your old gold jewellery by selling it to a gold buyer.  Lots of us have households that might have unwanted (or unused) pieces of gold and silver jewellery which are just sat gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. Even if it’s broken or is not in fashion any more the condition of your gold jewellery is of little concern to any gold buyer as the majority of items will be melted down.

What is more important is that due to the current financial environment, global investments have focused more on gold as it's looked at as a safe investment, and for this reason overall gold prices have sky rocketed. This in turn has made it more attractive for people to sell their old gold jewellery for cash. High gold prices mean higher valuations of gold jewellery!


If selling your gold jewellery sounds like a good idea then there are a few different options for where to sell your gold.

At the high street, you will find jewellers and pawnbrokers who have the expertise to value your items; however the process can often be costly and very time consuming.

You can sell your jewellery at auction or even the carboot, however neither of these are the best option to choose if you are unsure of the value of your items.

Many people are instead turning to online companies as these provide the most simple and discreet option for selling gold jewellery.

At Buymyjewellery.com we provide a secure, online service so you can sell your unwanted gold jewellery with no hassle.  


At Buymyjewellery.com we will buy a range of gold, white gold, silver and platinum jewellery from our customers including:

  • Earrings
  • Necklaces and chains
  • Pendants
  • Rings
  • Brooches
  • Bracelets and bangles

We buy any jewellery no matter what the condition , even if it's unhallmarked. As long as the item is yours, and is real, it is more than likely that we will accept it!

If you are also looking to sell antique jewellery for example Victorian or Georgian origin then we will pay even more for your items. Unlike old and broken gold jewellery which is usually melted down and antique pieces are kept intact and resold hence why we can pay a higher value.


Often gold rings will still have the diamond and/or gemstone set in them We are one of the only gold buyers who will buy your diamonds and gemstones, ensuring that you get even more cash for your jewellery! We asssess each piece individually and assess the carat weight and quality of the stones to ensure we can offer our clients the maximu price.


When you sell your gold jewellery to Buymyjewellery.com your in good hands as we have over 30 years’ experience of valuing jewellery, and when your items arrive they go through a secure valuation process. 

Whilst you might not know, it is useful to find out the weight of your gold, and its carat before posting it in. However, if you’re struggling to find this out, don't worry assured we have the tools required to give you an accurate valuation.


Our process is simple and secure all you need to do is request your pre-paid pack which covers insurance by filling in our online form. It should takes a couple of minutes and you will get the pack sent out to you within the next working day.

Once you receive your pack, you just need to follow the instructions and post your gold back to us. Postage & packing is already paid by us and your items will even be insured for free.

Our expert gold buyers will then value your gold and make you an offer within 24 hours; if you accept our offer,payment is via bank transfer which takes just 1 working day with most banks.

If you are not happy with our offer, you are under no obligation to sell and we will return your items free of charge. That's our 100% Guarantee.

So, if you want to sell your gold jewellery, why not give Buymyjewellery.com a try and request your free gold selling pack today!